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  1. Chris Spier

    TUG Career Services helped me to develop the necessary tools to help me in my job transition, and allowed me to develop a strong network of contacts that continue to provide support, guidance, and encouragement even after landing two new positions. I encourage everyone, whether in transition or not, to come to a TUG Career Services seminar. I learn something new every time I attend.

  2. Doug Henrickson

    I’ve told many friends who have gone through hard times that God will show you things you otherwise would not have seen. TUG is one of those blessings. It is a comfort and encouragement to know others care about your situation AND are willing to help. Going through a job search is hard but having a resource like TUG that provides networking opportunities, valuable instruction and coaching is a tremendous advantage in the market place. I highly recommend TUG as part of your job search tools to find your next place of opportunity.

  3. Douglas Ollie

    I’ve been in job transition twice in the past 6 years, and TUG has been a great resource for me in learning how to search for work in today’s world, which can be a challenge for someone over 50. Through TUG, I was able to change careers and I’m now enjoying a great job and new career. Thanks to TUG for all of your help.

  4. Ryan Whittington

    TUG has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge in my career search. The meetings have taught me many different skills about using my resume, LinkedIn and other networking tools to help in my career search. The meetings are very helpful for younger people like myself who are just out of college and looking to get a job that relates to their major. Thank you TUG!


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