13 July 2015 Meeting


“Like you, professional sales mentor, Andrew Robertson, has walked in your shoes and carried the stress of being “in the market” as a fellow member of the Community Career Center, LTJC, St. Thomas, and other job clubs. With three decades in professional sales, prospecting and qualifying opportunities, to meet million dollar quotas, his subject matter expertise is grounded in real world experiences. Andrew respects the uncertainty created in a job search and reminds us, that everyone sells something every day, regardless of his or her profession.

Andrew will present a brief summary of his experience in Sales 101 for the Job Seeker. His fusion of an iconoclastic approach to getting into the sales mindset with the fundamentals of prospecting connects the seemingly impossible aspects of getting beyond the fear of “no” with a simple attitude of “just ask.” His successful career includes major companies, such as, NCR, McData Corporation, British Telecom, Motorola, XO Communications and Wide Open West (WOW!). He holds a degree in Business Sales Management from the University Colorado-Denver, and certificates from, Miller Heiman Group, Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling, Holden International, Power Based “Fox” Selling, and Corporate Visions, Executive Conversations.”

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