11 May 2015 Meeting

Meeting – Monday, 11 May 2015 at 6:30 pm

(Re)building Self-confidence During Your Job Search

Conducting a Job Search takes a lot of time, work, energy and most of all the ability to keep on keepin’ on. What can you do to keep your self-confidence up if/when it begins to wane? What can you do to build it up in the first place? Join us to learn about (and self-assess) seven of the most critical skills needed to obtain unstoppable self-confidence.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Remember that the loudest person is not necessarily the most confident.
  • Control your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Live in the now – your positive reality.
  • If you believe you are – then you are, don’t hide your belief.
  • Change what you can.
  • Be fully committed.

Come and share your ideas and learn from the ideas of the other folks who attend. Each participant will receive a “workbook” with a series of exercises, references, and plenty of space to take notes, create a “to do” list and doodle!

Maurie Coleman holds a PhD in Instructional Science and certification as a Certified Performance Technologist from ISPI. He has worked as an internal consultant at Arthur Andersen, Lucent, and Sears Holdings. He has also had his own business and worked as an external consultant for clients including Abbott Labs, AT&T, GE Healthcare, Littlefuse, L’Oreal, McDonalds, and Provena Health Care. His areas of specialization include Leadership Development, High Potential Development, Coaching, Facilitation, Performance Improvement, Organizational Change, and Instructional Design. He has his own stories to tell about his self-confidence journey including the bright light of day and the darkness of the night.

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