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TUG Mission Statement

The Mission of TUG Career Services is to provide career management services, job-seeking skills, education and training in an environment that encourages and facilitates networking, mutual support, and maintaining a positive attitude, with the ultimate goal of meaningful employment.


TUG Career Services was organized in October 2001 by concerned community leaders and representatives from several St. Charles churches as an ecumenical and grass-roots effort to help address the needs of St. Charles and surrounding residents who were unemployed or underemployed. Our initial investigations showed that, unlike in other west suburban communities, few direct and comprehensive community services were available for such residents as they sought and continue to seek meaningful work that allows them to support themselves, their family and their community.

Over 8,500 residents throughout Kane County and surrounding areas have sought out TUG services, depending on their specific needs and current place in the job search process. TUG services are free to all those who attend. Please consider yourself welcome to join us whether you are unemployed, underemployed or wishing to enhance your networking opportunities.

Meeting Place

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TUG Career Services is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.